Our History

A Brief History of Praise Christian Church

On bended knees and Spirit-led deliberation, with Christ’s handfuls, an IAFB sibling church was born on July 24, 1994 bearing the name Praise Christian Church. It was mid September 1994 when we finally began renting a commercial facility at Dempsey Road in the city of Milpitas for our regular services. “The Lord added… such as should be saved.” PCC began to bear fruit both numerically and spiritually. Several years later we were prompted to move out due to the sale of the facility by the owner. We then found ourselves chartering a church “Casa De Oracion” @ 1333 South White Road in San Jose up to the present time. We continued to experience tremendous growth in every aspect, but most importantly, spiritually. The Lord’s name be glorified!

As in real life we occasionally experience the ups and downs and so with PCC there was that bumpy road with the unprecedented “divine deduction” in membership as most of our key members migrated to distant cities. It was an emotionally and spiritually crippling experience for us. But, again as in real life, it is equally true that difficulties we occasionally traverse do not linger permanently. They come today and are gone tomorrow. By God’s amazing grace, the divine deduction was just momentary for currently we are again experiencing an encouraging influx of “Generation-X’ers” showing at our youth fellowships and Sunday worship services. We are still leasing with the kindhearted and gracious Hispanic brethren @ 1333 S. White Road and we’ll serve the Lord here until He nudges us to scoot over to another place or so. The next move may be the New Jerusalem! PCC family are deeply grateful to be serving under the umbrella of the IAFB – a great and wonderful organization! Visit us if you happen to be in the San Jose area or drop by our website “praisechristian.org” and know more about us.